Cost Per View (CPV)

Cost Per View (CPV)

CPV or called also Click per View is a billing model in online marketing. If a user will click on a banner-Ad or textlink, the affiliate will not get paid for that. The user must stay a certain period of time on the website, only than the affiliate will get paid.


More often this billing model is used for video marketing. In the advertising spot there can be found an Ad, most at the beginning of the video. A synonym for CPV is Pay per View (PPV).

The user which is watching the spot must watch this one for a certain period of time or only begin to watch this spot, than the affiliate will be paid for that. The affiliate and the advertising partner can agree, what is the criterion for the payment. Maybe you have heard once about the True-View function, this is a guaranteed payment. If this model was selected, you only pay for the Ad if the user have reached the end or watched it for a defined period of time. If the user quit and don’t watch the video till the end or the minimum period of time, than you must not pay for this. With CPV you can earn money as an affiliate through videos or as an merchant, you can book ads in videos in platforms like youtube. You are able to analyse, when the user has broke up to watch the video or when the user decided to click on the ad.


Type of Advertising Cost Per Video Click Per Video Total Cost Publish Day
CPV 1 1000 1000 1-15d
CPV 0.7 10000 7000 1-45 d
CPV 0.5 100000 50000 1-6m