Cost Per Click(CPC)

Cost Per Click (CPC)

"Cost per Click/CPC, the majorly admired technique in online advertising that enables business owners to pay only after the embattled leads are obtained. This type of advertising is popular in particular with small businesses. CPC advertising is much more customer targeted than CPM. This performance based marketing help businesses to easily manage their advertising finances."


CPC Banner Advertising helps webmaster/ owner of the site in receiving grand rewards every month with the help of immense traffic on their site.

FiveLead is one of the mounting CPC Advertising Networks in India that stands out in the crowd due to its high rates and real time tracking mechanism.

We bestow publishers with highly targeted ads, and enormous number of finest advertisers, as an outcome of which they can achieve enticing revenue on every valid click. Fivelead, as a vanquisher in CPC Affiliate Marketing offers real time tracking so affiliates/publishers can check their stats in real time.

We embrace all categories of campaigns at one place like entertainment, gadget, travel, health, shopping, finance, etc. All you need to have an informative blog or a website with quality traffic to be a publisher at CPC advertising network.


Type of Advertising Cost Per Click Click Quantity Total Cost Publish Day
CPC 0.5 1000 500 1-15d
CPC 0.4 10000 4000 1-45d
CPC 0.3 100000 30000 1-6m